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Happy friendship day 2018 greeting sms images

True Lines- Its Dat Inspite Of Having Othr Friends N Friendship N Being V.happy… But Still Its U N Ur Frndship Dat Makes Me Happiest.. :-*

Happy friendship day 2018 greeting sms

Happy friendship day 2018 greeting sms

friendship day images

friendship day images

friendship day images

friendship day images

friendship day images

friendship day images

friendship day images

friendship day images

Small Anger, Silly Fight, Simple Sms, Serious Jokes, Sensitive Feelings, Senseless Speech, Mixture Of All The Above Is Called Friendship……

The Importance Of A Dear Friend In Our Lives Is Like The Importance Of Heartbeats.they Are Invisible But They Simply Lend U A Gift Called Life

I’m Sorry But Our Friendship Ends Today, I Didn’t Want It This Way, Is For My Own Good Why I’m Doing This, But I Guess After All You Need A Explanation… My De…

*friendship* It’s Like A Violin, Music May Stop Now And Then, But Strings Are Attached Forever… 🙂 Same Way Even If You Be In Touch Or Not, You Are Always R…

I Like Friendship.i,like All People Are Friendly

Friendship Never Speaks Volumes. It Never Demands Proof.. It Never Has A Happy Ending Too. Simply Bcoz It Never Ends When Friends Are True..

True Friendship Come When Silence Between Two People Comfortable

I Won’t Promise To Be Ur Friend Forever, Coz I Won’t Live That Long. But Let Me Be Ur Friend As Long As I Live.

One Very True Line About My Dear Friendz :-everyone Is Not My Friend..but My Friendz Are Not Just Like Everyone..

Life Ends When U Stop Dreaming, Hope Ends When U Stop Believing, Love Ends When U Stop Crying, Friendship Ends When You Stop Sharing..

Friends Are So Special. Without Them, Life Is Not Worth Living For. Without Them, Life Has Nothing To Treasure In. Without Them, Life Has No Meaning. Without Th…

Whenever Life Seems To Be A Journey Through A Dark Tunnel… Take Me Along With You… I Promise.. . . . . . . . . . V Ll Put Disco Lights N Dance… :p…

Wat U C As Truth Wat U C As Lies Remember Dt True Frndship Nvr Dies Although V May Chnge Drift Apart I Ll Alwyz Value U Deep Within My Hrt…

Feeling Baby, Your Love For Me Is Just Like Magic. Whenever You Smile You Have Total Control Of My Life.

A Bird Doesn’t Sing Because Has An Answer, It Because It Has A Song.

Ever U Miss Me, Never U Cry.for A Drop Of Tear In Ur Eyes Is A Day Less In My Life!

I Woke Up A Few Mint Ag0 But Someh0w I Feel Inc0mpleteness Till I Remembered I Haven’t Textted U Yet! Have A Pleasent Goo0oood M0rn1ng! Love U Mwha Mwha Mwha…

Friendship Is A Priceless Gift, That Cannot Be Bought Or Sold. But Its Value Is Far Greater, Than A Mountain Of Gold.

Love And Friendship Go Hand In Hand Or Will It Take A Wish To Make Me Understand

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