Happy friendship day quotes images 2018 India USA friendship day messages status

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Happy friendship day quotes images 2018

You Are Strong As Rum.. Fine As Wine.. Cool As Beer.. Classic As Whisky.. Sophisticated As Vodka.. In Short I’m Totally Tunn In Your Friendship.!…

Happy friendship day quotes images 2018

Happy friendship day quotes images 2018

friendship day picture

friendship day picture

friendship day picture

friendship day picture

friendship day picture

friendship day picture

friendship day picture

friendship day picture

I Dont Want To Wake Up And Realize What I Was Dreaming Was Right In Front Of My Shut Eyes. I Dont Want To Stop Saying Hellos For Fear Of Saying Goodbyes.

Ppl Say True Frens Must Alwayz Hold Hands But True Frens Need Not Hold Hands Cos They Know Othr Hand Vl Alwys B Ther

A Girl And A Guy Can Be Just Friends, But At One Point Or Another They Will Fall For Each Other… Maybe Temporarily, Maybe At The Wrong Time, Maybe Too Late, O…

That True Friendship Continues To Grow, Even Over The Longest Distance. Same Goes For True Love.

I Wish I Could Go Back In Time To The Part Where You Actually Care For Me.

A True Friend May Not Talk With U Everyday.. Or May Not Meet U Every Time… But Always Thinks About U Ur Happiness… That’s True Friendship…. ….

Love Makes Our Own Parents As Enemies…. But, Friendship Makes Others Parents As Our Parents….. Hard To Understand But True !!!

Friendship Is Silent Gift Of Nature.. More Old .. More Strong.. More Deep.. More Clear.. More Close.. More Warm.. Less Words.. More Understanding.

Only When My Friend Left Me, I Understood The Word Friend….. Has An End…..

Once A Frnd Asked D Other Frnd ,what Wud Do If I Cheat U ? Frnd Replied Trusting U Is My Decision Proving Mr Right Is Ur Choice !

People Say You Fall Only In Love Once, But. . When I Hear Your Voice. . . I Fall In Love All Over Again.

1derful Lines Just 4 U: I Hav No Words Nor I Promise Big Heavens, Al I Gve Is An Undestndng, A Carng N Lovng Hand 2 U, 2 Hold On U Need….

The Worst Regret We Can Have In Life Is Not For The Wrong Things We Did, But For The Right Thing We Could Have Done, But We Never Did…..

A Friendless Life Is Like A Flowerless Garden.. But I Have A Beautifulgarden With A Wonderful Flowers.. One Floweris Just Reading My Sms..

A Smile Is The Best Lighting System Of The Face, The Best Cooling System Of The Head, And The Best Warming System Of The Heart. Keep Smiling!

Life Can Be Fun Even If There Are Many Problems, Bad Days, Boring Moments, Busy People. ’cause Their Is One Thing That Erases All Of It. Tones Of Extraordinary …

Stars Have 5 Ends, Squar Have 4 Ends, Triangle Have 3 Ends, Lines Have 2 Ends, Life Has 1 Ends But I Hope Our Friendship Has No Ends, Your Faitful….

I May Have Forgotten To Say That I Care I May Have Failed To Open Up And Share But Even Though No Words Have Been Spoken My Promise Of Friendship Wont Be Broken…

Don’t Be Too Confident When Someone Tells You They Like You, The Real Question Is. Until When? Because Just Like Seasons… People Change And So Do Feelings…

1 Day I May Die Without Saying Goodbye To You But I Will Never Forget To Say Thank You Because You Have Given Me 1 Of The Loveliest Friendship Ever In My Life.

I Dont Expect 2 B The Most Important Person I Ur Life. But I Woulb B Happy If One 1 Day. Whenever U Hear My Name, U Would Smile N Say Hey, Thats My Friend…

Luv Is-wen V Drink D Same Coconut Water Puting 2straws Frndshp Is Dt Whn V Hv1 Coconut V Use Nly 1 Straw Say ”bhikhari Pura Mat Pee”…… 🙂 !!…

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