National friendship day 2018 wishes new images quotes messages

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National friendship day 2018 wishes new images quotes messages

Missing you so much.Always tried to being your
best friend. But things not happened as I thought. May be we are far from each other. But I’ll always be there for you & try to make things as we dreamed of!Happy Friendship Day!

National friendship day 2018 wishes new images quotes messages

National friendship day 2018 wishes new images quotes messages

friendship day status

friendship day status

friendship day status

friendship day status

friendship day status

friendship day status

friendship day status

friendship day status

Sorry, if I ever hurt your feeling.
But I really love you since you are one of my sweetest friends. I miss you all the time. Love you & miss you so much. Keep smiling forever.Happy Friendship Day

It Feels Good When Sombody’s There It Feels Better When Sombody Shares It Feels Best When Sombody Cares Wishng U A Whole Bunch Of My ‘care’

F R I E N D S H I P ,**, Is Like * ,* A __)(____ Tree.. It Is Not Measured By How Tall It Could Be, But How Deeply The Roots Have Grown…

I Used To Think That The World Is So Unfair, That It Gave Me So Many Reasons To Hate It. But Now, How Can I Hate Such A Wonderful World That Gave Me You ?

The Best Friend Is One With Whom You Sit On A Bench Saying Nothing And When You Get Up And Go! You Feel You Had The Best Conversation Of Life!…

I Dont Want To Wake Up And Realize What I Was Dreaming Was Right In Front Of My Shut Eyes. I Dont Want To Stop Saying Hellos For Fear Of Saying Goodbyes.

Birth Is Once… Youth Is Once… Death Is Once… Love Is Once… Marriage Is Once… But.. Friendship Is Runs For Ever… Good Day…

If U Open My Heart, Guess What You Are Gonna See? I Ts You. True Friends Are Hard To Find So I Kept You..!! 🙂

Love Is Not Only Meade For Lovers, It Is Also Made For True Friends A True Friend Can Love More Then A Lover

Wether U R Sleeping Or Playing Kabadi Wether U R Clean Or Muddy Wether U Walk Or Drive A Gaddi U Always Be My Dost And Buddy…!!!

Good Friends Are Hard To Find, Harder To Leave, And Impossible To Forget..

God Is So Wise That He Never Created Friends With Pricetags, Because?.. If He Did, I Can?t Afford A Precious Friend Like You 🙂

Sorry But Im Deleting You From My Life! *clicks Delete*loading.. 99error! It Is Impossible To Delete Our Friendship. You Mean So Much To Me. Send This To Ten Pe…

A Friend Is Sweet When It Is New It Is Sweeter When It Is True. But You Know That.. It Is The Sweetest When It Is You

Long Love Is Mothers Love Sweet Love Is Fathers Love Short Love Is Lovers Love But Strong Love Is Friendship Love. So Always Love Me. Nrup’s…

Many People Will Walk In And Out Of Your Life, But Only True Friends Will Leave Footprints In Your Heart. Happy Friendship Day !!!!!!!!!

U May Appear Innocent N Shy ,, But We Know That Appearances Can Lie…….

Never Say Ur Happy When Ur Sad Never Say Ur Fine When Ur Not Ok Never Say U Feel Good When U Feel Bad And Never Say Ur Alone When I M Still Alive

A Friend Is One Special Person Who Can Pull Out A Happy Tear From Your Eye … Even If You Don’t Have Tears To Cry … (:…

The Test Of Friendship Doesn’t Come When You’re Together. It Comes When You Are Part Ways And You Realize That Despite The Distance, The Friendship Is Still The…

Love Is Like A Chewing Gum, It Tastes Only In The Beginning! But Friendship Is Like Chocolate, It Tastes Till It Ends!

Differnce Between Love Friendship U Give Ur Whole Heart To Ur Love They Break It. Butu Give Ur Broken Heart To A Friend They Make It Thats Friendship…….

Most Hurting Lines By True Friend: If You’ll Leave Me, I Promise, You Will Comeback Once With Your Open Eyes To See My Closed Eyes.. !

My Nights Are Going Sleepless, My Days Are Going Useless. So I Asked God, Is This Love?. God Replied, No Dear, Result Is Near.

Difficult Times Have Helped Me To Understand Better Than Before, How Infinitely Rich And Beautiful Life Is In Every Way, And That So Many Things That One Goes W…

A Daily Thought… A Silent Tear… A Constant Wish That U R Near… Words Are Few But Thoughts R Deep… Memories Of Our Frenship I’ll Always Keep!!…

Good Friends Are Like Stars U Dont Always See Them But U Know They Re Always There

Friendship Is Vast Like Universe, Deep Like Ocean, High Like Sky, Strong Like Iron, Kind Like Mother, Cute Like Me Sweet Like U

S0mtyms U Have To Make A Big Mistake To Figure Out H0w 2 Make Things Ryt.. Mistakes R Painful.. But Dey’r D Only Way To Find Out D Reality…..

Friendship – Happy Life One Candle Enough To Cut Darkness. One Good Guide Enough 4 Success. One True Frnd Enough To Make Life Happy……..

My Friendship May Be Like A Drop In The Ocean For You But For Me The Ocean May Be Less Without The Drop Of Your Friendship.

A Special Friend Is Rare Indeed, It Beems To Be Special Breed, Yes, Perfect Friends R Very Few, So Lucky I M For Having You.

Ther Is Miracle Friendship U Dont Know How It Happnd ! R Wen It Startd ! But U Know Da Joy It Brings ……

People Say True Frds Must Alwayz Hold Hands But True Frds Need Not Hold Hands Bcoz They Know Other Hand We One Always Be There By Jay…

Long Love Is Mothers Love Sweet Love Is Fathers Love Short Love Is Lovers Love But Strong Love Is Friendship Love. So Always Love Me. Nrup’s…

Life Is Pretty Much Unpredictable. I May Not Live Long Enough But I Wont Miss Out Letting You Know That Life Is Worth Living With Someone Like You Around.

Two Things Are Important In Our Life.!. Friend Friendship First One, You Should Make.! Second One, You Should Keep.!…

Friendship Is The Promise Spoken By The Heart,its Not Given By Pledge,its Not Written On Paper,its A Promise Renewed Every Time We Keep In Touch.

A Single Moment Of Misunderstanding Is So Poisonous That It Makes Us Forgot The Thousands Of Lovable Moment Spent Together Within A Minute…..

One Of Best Dialogue In Cute Friendship..! When I Die, Don’t Come Near My Body.! Bcoz My Hands May Not Come To Wipe Ur Tears Off That Time!…..

In My Darkest Hour In My Deepest Despair Will You Still Care? Will You Be There? In My Violence In My Anguish And My Pain Through My Joy And My Sorrow In The P…

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